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Q: Purchase Method:
A: You could visit our outlet personally to make the purchase. Do give us a call at +65 6442 7966 one day before you need the items/goods.

You can also place an order by filling up an order form in the following format and email us at and we would reply you shortly.

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Q: Business hours?
A: Our business operation hour is from 8:30AM to 10:00PM daily.

Our customer service hotline is from 8:30AM to 10:30PM daily.

Q: Where is your outlet?
A: We are located at 94B Jalan Senang Singapore 418469.
Nearest MRT: EW6 Kembangan

Q: How much is the price of goods?
A: As our goods are based on seasonal price. Do call us to enquire about the price.

Q: When is the Hairy Crab Season?
A: The Hairy Crab Season is usually from September to December.