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About High Fresh

High Fresh Crabs is hugely popular in Southeast Asia with partners from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. This stems from its imposing manner, extensive networks, and excellent services.

The first seafood wholesale company to be locally certified HACCP for food safety and ISO9001: 2008, High Freshoperates on sincerity and practicality. Its delivery services taken within half an hour from each phone call; and unconditional replacements of goods with quality problems are guaranteed.

Being the first comes in more than one form, High Fresh is also the pioneer to introduce hairy crabs locally. Over the years, it satisfied the taste buds of local gourmets with a variety of crabs. Singapore is a gourmet centre, and most familiar to locals are chili crabs and black pepper crabs. Ms Hong travels the world to select these high-quality, fresh crabs.

“Never provide stale products, never put the reputation of High Fresh in jeopardy”, is what Ms Hong closely abides to. When tons of crabs died while she was still grappling with the handling of hairy crabs for local promotion, this belief led her to discard all the crabs in stock despite the incurring of huge losses. It paved the way for the future development of High Fresh, and the company is better than before each and every day.